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Chickpeas: Use high quality dry chickpeas that come in a bag. Check the expiration date to make sure they are fresh. Do not substitute with canned chickpeas. Fresh herbs: Parsley and cilantro are a must in any falafel recipe. You can do equal parts of both or add more of one kind if you prefer. Make sure the herbs are washed and thoroughly dried.
Onion: 1 small onion is all you need. Don’t substitute onion powder because the fresh onions add texture, a touch of moisture and extra flavor to the patties. Garlic: Surprisingly, the garlic is not mandatory in this Lebanese recipe, but one garlic does help add flavor. You can substitute garlic powder here if you’d like, but I recommend fresh.
Baking powder: This is optional, but I recommend adding it right before baking or frying the falafel. It’s a raising agent that helps to give it a light and fluffy texture.
Seasonings: Salt and pepper, cumin and coriander.

Perfect balance of taste and texture.